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Hi! My name is Jean Shim and I am delighted and so grateful to share this space with you! Have you thought about the path your life is on and why? Well one day while reflecting, I looked at the patterns in myself and realized that I had not consciously made clear decisions of what I wanted to achieve in my life. I thought I knew what I wanted but came to the realization after much difficulty that I allowed myself to be primed by everything outside of me, instead of choosing consciously from within. I just kind of went along with how things and situations showed up. The worse part is, to the world I pretended that everything was okay, until the challenges in my life knocked me down.

Phew, physically I looked fine but internally, I became a mere glimpse of myself.

Life can teach us a lot, it is like a huge classroom and I have come to appreciate many lessons. To pick myself up, I first had to make the conscious decision to rise and to continue to rise. I prayed, meditated, read many personal development books and participated in self development programs but I truly began to connect with my true self when I began incorporating guided energy exercises.

So it is now my turn to help! Most of us do not need a clinical evaluation, we just need someone to listen to us and help us align our life’s vision. When we allow the challenges we face to distort us and fill us with shame, fear, lack of self worth, worry, resentment, anger, sadness and so much more, we hamper our lives in the worst ways. I was once there, drained energetically, mentally and physically. But I also got up strong, confident, grateful, content to be me and powerfully creative. I did it and so can you! Jubilant Spirit is all about helping you to reconnect fully to yourself so that you can be wholly you. So if you have been feeling stuck in your life, let’s chat. I am ready to inspire and guide you to living a life that is joyful and authentically YOU!!!



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