I Am Rooting For You!!!


As I watched the Super Bowl, sitting on the edge of my seat, cheering for the New England Patriots, I marveled at how much the game reminded me about life. The Patriots faced a tough and talented team, the Los Angeles Rams, but they persisted play by play. Yeah for the Patriots, congratulations!!!!!!

I thought about what it took for each of these players to get to where they are They did not just start out at Super Bowl status, they did not always have fame and glitz. They first had dreams to be football players and they trained their butts off, endured all types of weather conditions, sacrificed time with family and friends, and dealt with being knocked down in the game over and over again. No matter what each player kept taking action to achieve their dream. And even though they knew that reaching pro, they would still endure knock downs over and over again, being sore, sometimes losing, they persisted and kept getting up.

So watching them play was a lesson in itself related to life. Each time that we have a dream that we desire to achieve, we have to push pass every bit of fear, lack of confidence and even opposing competition and take action. Even when we get knocked down, we have to get back up, sore emotionally, mentally, maybe even physically but ready to keep going. We have to because if we don't get up, we will not know if we could have created massive growth/prosperity/abundance in our lives.

In life we are always going to have others in our circles that play, create, work, perform just as well, sometimes even better than we do. We cannot let that deter us. No matter what, we have to keep taking action towards us moving forward. We cannot allow comparisons or negative chatter in our own heads to stop our growth. So keep taking action, keep striving to achieve your soul's calling. As my fortune cookie slip says, "If you're afraid to shake the dice, you'll never throw a six." Be ready and intentional to throw many sixes!! I am rooting for you!!!

Peace, love and joy!!

The Little Gem I Found In A Fortune Cookie

Do you always ask to learn about something when you need to? Do you shy away from asking because you feel diminished in some type of way?

Well I got a little slip of paper in a fortune cookie that made me think. Even though I never eat the cookie, I always love reading what is inside. So here is what this one said, "He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning." Learning what, the truth??? This cookie has some taste to it!

There are so many types of situations that come up for us that require us to ask for clarification, for help or just information to move us to our next step. I plugged this into every scenario, I could think of. Guess what? It applies to just about all of them, okay maybe at varying degrees, but this little bit of wisdom still applies. Many times when we are stuck due to fear, worry, sadness, shame, etc., we are so caught up in those negative e-motions that we fear how others will judge us or how the truth will affect us. So instead we stay in our own heads and listen to more of the negative chatter going on in that space between our two ears.

Relationships have been torn apart, friendships have ended, jobs have been lost, trust has been thrown out the door, laughter and love have diminished because of misunderstandings. There are so many things that we can learn from simply having an open mind and just asking. We can even learn things about ourselves that we never knew or was apprehensive to learn. We can learn about each other, about situations and truths that we once may have perceived wrongfully. We can learn about how we truly feel about the other and we can learn that we are all more alike than we are different.

So next time, you are unsure about something, just ask. You may be surprised just how much you may learn. Asking opens up a sea of learning. I am getting myself prepped to ask a few questions because darn it, I need clarification on how best to do a technique. I know I am not dumb but I need to know. Not asking means I set myself back and I am not about to do that. There are things I need to learn and I am okay with that, so since there is no shame to my game, you best believe I will be asking.

Remember, we are all here for one another...

Peace, love & joy!

You are unique!

Hi Lovelies, it is just me, Jean Shim and I am feeling so connected to Spirit today. During meditation I absolutely got the best insight likened unto a tree. So I choose to share this awakening with you. One of the components that make up a tree is each leaf that grows from it. However no matter how small or how magnificent a tree is, no two leaves are exactly the same. Every individual leaf is unique!

My intention going into meditation was that I give myself permission to be whole and show up as myself. Well I was blessed with the message that no one in a physical body is exactly the same. Therefore I am unique and so are you, each and every one of you. Just like each leaf on the tree having its own individuality yet still a part of the tree, so too are we. We are all part of the whole, the Infinite Wisdom of the Universe yet we all journey this earth in individual bodies on a quest to heal and grow in consciousness. So I wondered, if we are from the same source, alike in spirit, yet unique, then why do we compare ourselves with one another? Why do we tear each other down with destructive words and actions towards one another? Why haven’t we used our uniqueness to help draw us together more as a whole?

Each of us is specially created for a purpose that we must awaken to. It is imperative that we become vigilant about awakening our consciousness so that we will have crystal clear paths about what we can do to help raise the vibration on this planet to unconditional love, joy, peace and enlightenment. So today, I ask that we each take a pledge to live from a more gracious space instead of harnesses complaints and judgments against each other and even within ourselves. It is only when we allow ourselves to just be without judgement, to stand like the tree firmly rooted in our divinity that we will see the beauty and light of God in ourselves and each other and we will grow freely like the leaves that glorify and adorn the tree.

Peace, Love and Joy!!