The Little Gem I Found In A Fortune Cookie

Do you always ask to learn about something when you need to? Do you shy away from asking because you feel diminished in some type of way?

Well I got a little slip of paper in a fortune cookie that made me think. Even though I never eat the cookie, I always love reading what is inside. So here is what this one said, "He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning." Learning what, the truth??? This cookie has some taste to it!

There are so many types of situations that come up for us that require us to ask for clarification, for help or just information to move us to our next step. I plugged this into every scenario, I could think of. Guess what? It applies to just about all of them, okay maybe at varying degrees, but this little bit of wisdom still applies. Many times when we are stuck due to fear, worry, sadness, shame, etc., we are so caught up in those negative e-motions that we fear how others will judge us or how the truth will affect us. So instead we stay in our own heads and listen to more of the negative chatter going on in that space between our two ears.

Relationships have been torn apart, friendships have ended, jobs have been lost, trust has been thrown out the door, laughter and love have diminished because of misunderstandings. There are so many things that we can learn from simply having an open mind and just asking. We can even learn things about ourselves that we never knew or was apprehensive to learn. We can learn about each other, about situations and truths that we once may have perceived wrongfully. We can learn about how we truly feel about the other and we can learn that we are all more alike than we are different.

So next time, you are unsure about something, just ask. You may be surprised just how much you may learn. Asking opens up a sea of learning. I am getting myself prepped to ask a few questions because darn it, I need clarification on how best to do a technique. I know I am not dumb but I need to know. Not asking means I set myself back and I am not about to do that. There are things I need to learn and I am okay with that, so since there is no shame to my game, you best believe I will be asking.

Remember, we are all here for one another...

Peace, love & joy!