I Am Rooting For You!!!


As I watched the Super Bowl, sitting on the edge of my seat, cheering for the New England Patriots, I marveled at how much the game reminded me about life. The Patriots faced a tough and talented team, the Los Angeles Rams, but they persisted play by play. Yeah for the Patriots, congratulations!!!!!!

I thought about what it took for each of these players to get to where they are They did not just start out at Super Bowl status, they did not always have fame and glitz. They first had dreams to be football players and they trained their butts off, endured all types of weather conditions, sacrificed time with family and friends, and dealt with being knocked down in the game over and over again. No matter what each player kept taking action to achieve their dream. And even though they knew that reaching pro, they would still endure knock downs over and over again, being sore, sometimes losing, they persisted and kept getting up.

So watching them play was a lesson in itself related to life. Each time that we have a dream that we desire to achieve, we have to push pass every bit of fear, lack of confidence and even opposing competition and take action. Even when we get knocked down, we have to get back up, sore emotionally, mentally, maybe even physically but ready to keep going. We have to because if we don't get up, we will not know if we could have created massive growth/prosperity/abundance in our lives.

In life we are always going to have others in our circles that play, create, work, perform just as well, sometimes even better than we do. We cannot let that deter us. No matter what, we have to keep taking action towards us moving forward. We cannot allow comparisons or negative chatter in our own heads to stop our growth. So keep taking action, keep striving to achieve your soul's calling. As my fortune cookie slip says, "If you're afraid to shake the dice, you'll never throw a six." Be ready and intentional to throw many sixes!! I am rooting for you!!!

Peace, love and joy!!