We Are Always Supported!!

I woke up this morning with this message, " Seek first the Kingdom of God." As I pondered on this message and what it spoke to in my life, I realize that my disappointment in not acquiring something I desired, was so strong that I felt the frustration in every part of my being. So receiving this message made me go within to connect with Divinity. Within minutes I received, "Do not worry I always have better for you." I sat up feeling gratitude and thanksgiving flowing through me. I picked up my phone to share this and I saw two postings that solidified the messages I received. One was from Merlene Mullings and the other from Trena Aloma (will share both) signifying for me and hopefully you that we are all connected and supportive of one another. Being a Life Coach does not mean that we do not experience weaknesses or low moments. We all do! However we have to recognize them for what they are and move beyond those emotions so we do not get stuck in those low frequencies. We also share like I am doing now because in doing so, we help others to see that it is okay to experience low emotions, just not to allow them to linger or take residence in you. If you are struggling with something, please know that I am available to assist you. Let me help you to move beyond the negative emotions that have stuck to you. Inbox me or email me at jubilantlife19@gmail.com for a complimentary call. We are here for one another!!❤