Thoughts, feelings, Actions...

Here we are, beings on a human experience. We have our ups, downs, we dance, we prance, we slip, we fall, sometimes we lay there waiting to be rescued but most times we get up because somewhere innately in us, we know that we are our own rescue.

So what is stopping us from stepping up and stepping out to live our best lives? What is stopping us from taking action when we have inspired thoughts? Why do we have lack of trust in our highest self? Truth be told these are questions that come up over and over again. I have come to believe that we have been primed so much by our physical world that we have forgotten that the greatest part of ourselves is our energy.

Energy is everything, everything is energy!! With our minds, we move, circulate and transform energy into our reality. From the mind, powerful thoughts emanate which move energy in that direction and enforces belief, faith, trust, and the courage to take action or not. We ultimately manifest our thoughts and beliefs. That is why it is so important that we are mindful of the very thoughts and beliefs we entertain. We have to consciously choose the thoughts and beliefs we focus on. From time to time, when we become low spirited, we allow negative thoughts and beliefs in, but as long as we transmute them out quickly, they cannot take root. Our thoughts are aligned with our beliefs, our emotions create our feelings which enforces our actions. Action is the catalyst that helps us manifest our beliefs. Each of these are interconnected to produce what is in us. To simplify it...our thoughts & beliefs guide us. Those beliefs help create the emotions that formulate the behaviors that shape us, which result in the actions we take whether powerful or limiting. So choose...

When we begin to journey on the path of conscious awareness, we experience awakenings that steer us from limiting thoughts and beliefs. Emotions do not remain stagnant in us, unless we allow them. Instead they move through us allowing us to feel and heal and as such we display healthy, positive behavior even when we fall and we unapologetically take heartfelt action even if we are scared.

Remember your mind is powerful and it sets the stage for action. It is all up to you! So change your thoughts...for good and change your life...for better!!!

Love, peace and joy...❤💛💚